What is Read Local San Diego?

A marketing vehicle and literary coalition that strives to connect Readers with Local Authors and thereby support the rich literary community in San Diego and reading in general.

When was it founded?

April, 2009

Who is involved?

Read Local was first suggested by Karla Olson of BookStudio, then quickly adopted by a passionate group of authors, publishers and others supportive of the literary community in San Diego. The executive committee consists of John O’Melveny Woods, Antonio Vianna, Mike Torrey, Beth Walsh, Johanna Mosca, and Michaela Jacques

Where is it located?

Its office is in Encinitas, but its scope is throughout San Diego County.

What are the requirements to join?

To join you must be an author (have a published product to sell), and you must live in San Diego County or have a connection to a literary group in San Diego County.

What if my genre is not listed?

You may choose up to three genres for your book listing in the Read Local San Diego directory. If none of the choices apply, choose “Other”, then include a short description (one or two words) of your title.

Do I have to have a published book to join?

Yes, although the term “published” has many definitions these days. In other words, you may participate if you have an e-book or an audio book. You must have a book to sell, because “buying local” is an important part of the Read Local concept.

What about e-books?

As mentioned above, e-books are fine as long as they’re available for sale.

What are the benefits to an author?

Authors gain access to readers from the Read Local program:

  • Our year-round events put authors in front of readers.
  • The comprehensive online directory makes it easier for readers to find authors who have written about, from or because of San Diego.
  • As the brand Read Local San Diego gains exposure, the events we develop for authors will be credible, reliable and ready-to-go, making it easier for a wide variety of venues—bookstores, coffee shops, kitchen shops, retail stores, etc.—to feature authors.

What if I am a reader; do I have to join?

No, readers don’t need to join. Just check our website often for upcoming events, and peruse our directory when you want to find out about local authors and need something to read.

Do I have to join to enjoy the author benefits?

Yes, authors must join to be featured in the directory. They can also sign up to be part of events planned and scheduled quarterly throughout the year.

Can I list more than one book?

Yes. The $25 membership is for up to three book listings. If you want to list another three books, you need to pay for another listing.

How much does it cost?

Membership, which includes listing in the directory, costs $25 per year. Each quarterly event, which includes at least one event for one book, costs $25. You can purchase membership and one event for $45, or membership and four events (one each quarter) for $100.

Can I sell books on the site?

Yes you may, although if the event is at a bookstore, we ask that you sell the book through the bookstore.

How can I participate in the events?

Sign up for an event on the events page, and the event committee will be in touch with you about an upcoming presentation with your book featured. We will try to match you with others in your genre which we anticipate will allow a bigger draw for authors.

Who do I contact if I have a problem uploading my information?

Send us an email and we’ll get your problem resolved as soon as possible. Be sure to include a contact name and phone number.

What do I do if there is a mistake on my information?

Send us an email with the corrected information. Be sure to include a contact name and phone number.

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