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What is Read Local?

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Read Local’s mission it is to encourage reading by connecting readers with authors from their communities.

We feel that fostering a personal relationship between author and reader will allow a number of wonderful things to happen.

First and foremost, it will encourage more people to read more books.

We’ve seen it happen again and again: When someone meets an author, they are instantly awed and fascinated. This personal connection motivates the reader to read (and buy!) the book. The next thing you know, a person who wouldn’t normally read a book is reading. Or an avid reader is choosing a book by a local author. The result: more people are reading more books.

This results in greater awareness of the local literary community.

Increased awareness of the literary community leads to support. Additional support allows the literary community to nurture its local authors, publishers, and reading.

It’s all about creating excitement about authors and their books

We provide expanded markets for authors and publishers in several ways. We make it easier for bookstores and libraries to find and feature local authors. We also coordinate affordable activities in places books are not normally featured (street fairs, cultural events, etc.).

We encourage the process of discovery—by delivering books to a new audience of readers and expanding awareness of our wonderful, homegrown authors.

Writers dream of creating connections with readers.

Readers cherish books to which they feel personally connected.

That’s what Read Local San Diego is all about—connection.


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Just a few of San Diego’s authors at the first Read Local San Diego Book Fair